A corporate tax professional asked me recently what they could do to increase their annual raise! Their expectations were set higher than the bonus they received and they felt like their accomplishments went unnoticed. Most companies raises are set to reflect two variables including the company’s success and the individual’s contributions. However, these methods are not always accurate for many reasons but the bottom line is that your contributions may not have been noticed. This happens often so do not be disappointed but learn from a great technique that is certain to help you when raise time comes around.

As a seasoned retained search executive, I am often asked to counsel tax professionals on compensation. Over the years, I have figured out effective techniques anyone can use to thoughtfully and comfortably remind their companies of their contributions. As a gift to you this year, I will share a smart strategy that has worked beautifully for the many tax executives I have shared this technique over the years. All it involves is a bit of documentation and I am even providing a PDF you can simply download called 2016 Professional Accomplishments and it is easy to use.

Each week I want you to write down a Professional Accomplishment you completed successfully for your company. You should write down a couple of your favorite projects for the week. It only takes less than 5 minutes to write down your thoughts and you can use this to remind others what you have accomplished for the company and team. People are so busy these days that they forget how much others so for them so document your progress appropriately. When you want to make a difference it is best to remind others with documented proof of your work projects for the company. You can then provide your boss a once a month, quarter or year report and update on your activities. The positives of this approach are many including 1) reminding company of your contributions 2) providing your boss with additional information on departmental accomplishments 3) promoting your tax skills and expertise on a tax media site and 4) even preparing your resume.

Corporate tax professionals need to learn how to promote themselves more than ever before online. Our vision at E File Tax Group is to teach you why it is so important to your success long term. If others cannot find you easily online then you miss so many opportunities. We developed technology that enables you to gain more authority and visibility for your tax expertise.